Doctor Fun Cartoons for March 2 through 6, 1998

Each cartoon is a 640x480 pixel, 24-bit color JPEG file, approximately 100K in size. Click on the thumbnail or text to download the cartoons.

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Once again, through the ill-planned assignment of rooms at the Mad Scientists' Collective, Dr. Bickel's re-animating the dead experiment gets loose and wreaks havoc on Dr. Wisenheimer's giant brain project.

"Kindly inform your client that we have a henhouse full of broken eggs, we have his DNA at the scene, and this 'Coo Coo for CocoPuffs' defense isn't going to fly with the jury."

When a Manta Ray becomes a Mantata Ray.

Igor eventually learned that management techniques that served him well in the lab brought less-than-optimal results in the office.

Bill Gates' nightmare

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