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Each cartoon is a 640x480 pixel, greyscale GIF.

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"Polly wants a booger!"

"Sir, please! The Captain has turned on the no picking sign!"

Incredible Nose Monkeys

Scientists split the booger.

"Do you need a tissue?"

How they make crumb topping

Baby's first booger

Ned Nasal: The World's Fastest Picker!

Having run out of popcorn, Harold improvises.

Out of the dark waters rose the Loch Ness Booger.

You can make these lovable booger people!

Boogers make excellent bookmarks.

Tell time the nasal way with the booger clock!

Pick your nose the scientific way with these neat items!

Can you pick your nose with your elbow?

"No wonder your records skip! Look at all these boogers on them!"

Fresh-picked boogers, 50 cents

Strange but true!

With his Nostroscope, Dr. Philby observes the living booger.

Booger heaven

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