Doctor Fun's Double Whammy
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Hi there.

Here are two books I drew a little over ten years ago, both of which I made half-hearted attempts to get published, and then threw in a drawer. Now, through the magic of html and a scanner, they can still be in a drawer, only with people all over the world opening the drawer, looking in real quick, and then closing it again, all day long.

I've made little attempt to edit either of these collections to make them more funny, bring them up to date, or correct the charmingly artless spelling and grammar errors. They are presented for your viewing pleasure more for their curiosity than the humor (although if you think the stuff is still funny, you show a timeless sense of good taste and sophistication, and should be running a major newspaper syndicate or publishing house.)

You can either bounce back and forth between the archive pages in these two books, or simply click from one cartoon to the next. The images are all scanned black and white pen and ink drawings. (I didn't even have a computer when I drew these.)

The first, Science Fair, purports to simulate a trip to the imaginary Hoagiesville Science and Engineering Fair. In keeping with what generally happens at real science fairs, there are scads more exhibits in the elementary and junior divisions, and then things tend to taper off into more quality rather than quantity (heh-heh) in the intermediate and senior divisions. There's all the other usual science fair paraphenalia, too, including a group photo of the winners, and the rules and regulations. Looking back through the "exhibits" now, what strikes me more than anything else is the incredible amount of mayhem perpetrated on small, mostly defenseless animals, although I assure everyone that no real or cartoon animals were harmed in the production of the book.

When scanning these, I followed the numbering scheme I used to notate the back of the drawings on the scanned files. Unfortunately, the numbering scheme turned out to not be consecutive in places, which means that there are some missing drawings somewhere, or I was suffering brain damage from the basement apartment I was living in when I drew these. Anyway, I know already that there are missing numbers, you don't need to tell me.

A small selection from Science Fair appeared in Campus Life magazine about a year after I drew it.

Science Fair

The other book is Boogers: A Celebration. Well ... it is what it says it is. You can read as many or as few of them as you want. Dig deep, there be treasure here - Arrrr! Pick out your favorites and share them with your friends.


Don't read the whole thing, and then complain to me that you were all offended and stuff.

Boogers: A Celebration

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