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A Day of Racing at Shannonville
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September 16, 1999: Steve's pit crew (Bob, Sasha, myself, and Lionel, the chassis builder - Jim couldn't make it) went to Shannonville for a day of racing which Steve sponsored for us. I decided I'd rather fly there than make the three hour drive, so I took Bob along with me.

Hangar.jpg (48181 bytes)

Bob and I arrive at Brampton airport before dawn, and get ready to fly to Belleville.

Belleville.jpg (37606 bytes)

In Belleville, Bob and I wait for Steve to pick us up.

Bob_next_to_airplane.jpg (77567 bytes)

Bob poses next to the airplane.

Racecar.jpg (64444 bytes)

Our car for the day, a 400 HP Camaro, owned by Phil Strudwick.

Lionel.jpg (70533 bytes)

Lionel grins before getting in the car, as Steve and Sasha look on.

LionelinCar.jpg (72859 bytes)

Lionel gets strapped into the car

Bob_in_race_car.jpg (85935 bytes)

Bob's turn in the driver's seat

Bob_Passing.jpg (62083 bytes)

Bob makes a daring pass on the front straight

ScottHelmet.jpg (84072 bytes)

Me, putting on the helmet. We started off with the instructor driving us around. Next, we drove around with the instructor. For the remainder of the day, we drove on our own, with the instructor giving us tips and corrections after each session. Bob was the only one to spin out off the track! Thanks for the free beers, Bob! :)

ScottinCar.jpg (84185 bytes)

Ready to go drive fast...

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