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A Day of Racing at Shannonville
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Continued from the previous page...

CornerStraight.jpg (89342 bytes)

Here I am, pouring on the power in the last turn before the front straight!

CorvetteSmash1.jpg (37464 bytes)

oops! Guy driving new Corvette spins out into the wall (right in front of me!), doing major damage to his car. Guy standing on the right (holding helmet) owns and was driving the car. Looking very sorry for himself.

Corvette_Crash.jpg (56983 bytes)

Listen to the crash in MP3! The car racing in the background is me, the squealing tires and crashing noises is the Corvette.

CorvetteSmash2.jpg (47264 bytes)

The smashed Corvette is towed away. The front wheel is barely attached, so it has to be pushed into position to get it on the truck.

Corvette_on_truck.jpg (48252 bytes)

The Corvette on the truck

CorvettePieces.jpg (47908 bytes)

Souvenir pieces of Corvette.

ScottOutCar.jpg (97198 bytes)

Finished one of my lapping sessions, I pull myself out of the car.

GoingHome.jpg (44379 bytes)

Back to Belleville, ready to go home!

Flying.jpg (56187 bytes)

Bob takes a picture of Toronto in the distance.

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