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Trip Images

These images accompany the Fort Simpson trip documentary found on the story page. They are in no particular order. Some of these images accompanied the published story in the COPA magazine, as mentioned on the story page.

206 Water Takeoff.jpg (56256 bytes)
My brother Alan takes off in his Cessna 206 on floats

Alan Refuelling 206.jpg (73332 bytes)
Alan refuels his 206

Dad Alan at Little Doctor Lake.jpg (81291 bytes)
My father and Alan next to the 206

Dad Alan with 206.jpg (106760 bytes)
My father and Alan next to the 206 on wheels

My father catches a big pike

Forest Fires.jpg (59626 bytes)
Forest fires from the air

Glacier Landing.jpg (63253 bytes)
Glacier landing site for Twin Otter

Lancaster Museum.jpg (94930 bytes)
Standing under a CF-100 "Clunk" at the museum

Medicine Hat.jpg (76678 bytes)
Very cold in Medicine Hat, Alberta

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