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Trip Images Page 2

...continued from Page 1.

These images accompany the Fort Simpson trip documentary found on the story page. They are in no particular order. Some of these images accompanied the published story in the COPA magazine, as mentioned on the story page.

Nahanni Butte.jpg (87933 bytes)
My father and Alan next to my father's Cherokee 180C

Nahanni Mountain Lodge.jpg (128726 bytes)
At Nahanni Mountain Lodge for a few days

Nahanni River Valley.jpg (65146 bytes)
Nahanni River Valley

Overcast Closes the Gap.jpg (51064 bytes)
Overcast closes the gap

Peace River Valley.jpg (81167 bytes)
Peace River Valley

Truck Modifications.jpg (98170 bytes)
Truck modifications for snow

Twin Otter - Island Lakes.jpg (116734 bytes)
Twin Otter at Island Lakes

Vacuum Pump Change.jpg (82247 bytes)
Replacing the vacuum pump

Yellowknife Bay to the East.jpg (110976 bytes)
Yellowknife Bay to the east

Yellowknife Bay.jpg (100920 bytes)
Yellowknife Bay