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Oshkosh 1998:
Pilgrimage to Aviation Mecca

So just what is this thing called Oshkosh? Well yes, it's a brand of children's clothing, as any mother will tell you. However, to the informed, Oshkosh is only the largest aviation fly-in convention in the world. Presented by the Experimental Aircraft Association over seven days, nearly a million people attend Oshkosh, to see the tens of thousands of airplanes there. One tenth of all the airplanes in the entire world converge on Oshkosh at the end of every July.

I have never gone. Until this year.

This year, my father and I bundled up our camping gear, packed it into our Cherokee 180, and made the five-hour flight to OSH. We arrived early - Sunday, July 26th, to beat some forecast weather that we didn't want to fly through.

While there, I made a log of what we did each day, and the things I saw, along with taking many, many pictures. This is the culmination of that log. I hope you enjoy reading through it as much as I did experiencing it. Once you finish looking through my stories here, you can find more stories and pictures at the EAA site, or at the excellent AvWeb site.

Most of the pictures you see can be enlarged to the full size by clicking on them.

To begin, select July 26 from the menu at left.

Update, June 1999

I received an email from Mike Pittelkow while he was browsing this site, explaining a few of the things I wondered about. You can read it here.

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